Oblivion: Shivering Isles

You wouldn’t like me when I’m bored.

– Sheogorath

Oblivion is old, good (if bugged) game from Bethesda folks. I got to know about The Elder Scrolls series first with Morrowind (it was bundled with my new graphics card) and liked it so much that when expansion packs was released in my country, I bought Morrowind itself (english version was not compatibile with localized packs). And for next title, there was one expansion pack, Shivering Isles, that was especially delicious.

Where am I?

Titular Shivering Isles are separate plane of existence in Oblivion ruled by Sheogorath – Daedric* Prince of Madness. Now you know why it is featured here. You can enter it through gate that poped out of nowhere after installing pack and talk to Haskill, his chamberlain. He will explain what his master wants from you.

Island itself is divided in two parts – Mania and Dementia. You start in Fringe and must get out of it before exploring rest of isle. Bipolar nature of this land is clear. Dementia is brutal and grimdark, with a lot of blood and suffering. Mania is cheerfully colourful. Cheerfully insane, but no less deadly.

Who the hell am I?

In course of adventure you will meet many folks (of course, almost every one of them lack gears in head), kill even more, including new monsters, fulfill more or less werid quests, partipicate in endless war for Fork of Horripilation, help Prince of Madness and fight forces of Order.

One of best moments is when you complete mission given you by Sheogorath, and then get to his shrine on mainland to fulfill his Daedric quest. I will not spoiler, but for some reason, it is even more hilarious.

All in all, a very fine addition, if you liked Oblivion and similiar games with open wide sandbox.

* You can treat Daedra as some kind of very powerful demons and their Princes are something very close to Physical God. But it is more complicated than that and if you are interested, check here lore and other info about Elder Scrolls universe.

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