How come I did not knew about Zalgo until now?

Granted, I already seen in few places mangled text and unicode blocks. To fully see creative use of so-called combining diacriticals, go here (or directly here, if you are lazy fatass) for font to install. Here you can play with Zalgo’ing text to make it harder to read on purpose for some retarded reason.

It is funny to see people complaining on net that Zalgo is so overused, while I got to know it just hour ago. Well, I agree with criticism that all Zalgo seems to be are disorted text and some eyescream. We live in such times that one can seriously talk about generic eldritch abomination (they are supposed to be many things, but surely not anything usual, normal or boring). O tempora, o mores.

Still, neat discovery and reminder of one important thing: when you discover something on net, usually you will remember that you already seen something like that previously, but did not pay attention, was busy with something else, etc. Most memorable for me was well known page from MegaTokyo. I discovered this webcomic years after seeing this panel for first time, but I recognized it instantly.

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