Demonophobia walkthrough, part 2

Where we were left from last time? Ah yes, poor Sakuri just went past worm-infested corridor in Hell itself without getting crushed by demonic being called Envy. See part 1, if you want to see how it all began. Click here for music.

What now? First, crawl into this vent at left…

…okay, maybe it was not brighest idea under the sun. Eheheh.

Then go to second exit. While this is also not good idea, you will live a little longer.

This nice, red room with embedded stones have door with blood splat. If it is not obvious invitation, then I do not know what it is.

Of course, you must go and get this unlocked hexagram on pedestal ASAP. This is your reward:

Seems like beating little lolis to death by three-meter tall guy (Wrath aka Satan, for friends Wrathie) looking a little (ok, a lot) like Cyberdemon  is customary in Hell. Figures.

After respawn, return to red room and go right.

Beartrap damages you once and hold you in place. You can free yourself by clicking Z repeatedly. Additionally, stepping on beartrap prevents you from running for some time after freeing. You can avoid it by running past it, but sucker makes going through it without damage impossible. Best tactic is baiting sucker far from beartrap and crawling out of sucker sight. You cannot be killed by beartrap alone.

Go further right to very, very end. Time for grill!

Okay, we went too far in more than one way. A little before oven room there is room with barely visible hidden door. Go there. Whoa, someone sure like to play butcher!

Hii?! Wha… what? This room…

!? Who’s there?!

Aaaand we have main star of this show that will menace us for rest of entire game. Say hi to Lucifer aka Pride aka The Butcher, distant relative of certain geometry-based monster.

After few falied tries to get Sakuri (he seems to be unable to crouch) Butcher leaves.

What’s that? That guy just now… what a cruel monster… if I’m caught by that guy, will I become just like that poor thing? No… I don’t want to… uuu… It’s too scary… someone, come save me…

After cutscene, go into shaft under table. At end of shaft is room that have familiar red lights. You must get triangular stone and do not get impaled. Lower lights blinks – you can run when they are off. You have to crawl under permanent light. There is barely any place to safely stand between upper and lower light.

Go all way back to left, to end (through red room – fascinatingly bear trap seem to teleport to different place in this room). You will find red medicine (partially heals you, save it for later) and strange door with hexagram mark on it. It is clear that you must obtain unlocked hexagram without being killed by Wrath.

Return back to corridor and enter green door that you went by on way to end. Yes, you want to go over this strange mark on floor. This is one of rare traps that do not outright kill you. In fact, you cannot die by wooden horse – just get down to minimum health.

Notice these cracks just above floor at right. Crouch and press Z – you will get into secret room with empty pedestal.

Use triangular stone on it to get sealed hexagram. Return with it to room with blood-stained door where we have real unlocked hexagram, take it and use sealed version, replacing them in result.  This will severely weaken Wrath and make checkpoint.

Hiii?! Wha… what! What’s it this time?!

Time for boss battle with proper music!

You have to survive at least 40 seconds and run from room ASAP after that. Note that face window vanished and you probably want to see it again – press A to bring back unwieldly health indicator. Wrath will teleport around and try to hit you with high or low attacks – either fist punch, choke or crushing hug. You can run away (sometimes it seems like Wrath can reach you from suprisingly far) or crouch in case of high attacks. If you get caught in hug, pressing Z like monkey will free you faster (this will let you survive only two hugs anyway).

Remember to use red medicine, when health reach critical low. Do not run endlessly, because Wrath can constantly teleport around and will get you when your stamina runs out.

At about 15 second mark, Wrath will start radomly teleporting to right or left of room and shooting deadly beam. Only defense is crouching.

Do not forget to position yourself close to exit when time will be running out. After timeout Wrath will start to prepare big, unavoidable blast that will literally vaporize you.

If you survived boss batle, go back to door with hexagram mark (left from red room) and use unlocked hexagram. Open door.

Congratulations, you finished second area! Look forward to a lot of new deaths here.

Alternatively, you can save all the hassle. On beginning of this area walk right (to place where “you can’t get out”) and mash Z repeatedly to skip straight to area 3. You cheater.

Known bugs:

  • Beartrap will not appear, if you played this game straight from beginning. If you jumped to this area from menu or used cheat, beartrap is present. Not testing much, eh.
  • If you enter room with door to next area and return back without taking red medicine, its “ghost” will appear on few other screens, impossible to pickup. Eventually it vanishes.

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