Demonophobia walkthrough, part 1

What is better way to start blog like this with bang? Talking a lot about obscure (fortunately) hentai guro game!

This particular specimen is called Demonophobia (you can get japanese version here, english here or source material, including code and images, here) and includes a lot of gorn. In other words, you get to see cute japanese schoolgirl (incidentally named Sakuri… NOT Sacri or some other mutation of that, ffs) killed in various horrible ways. Do you want to play it already? Of course you do.

Game has simple graphics and absolutely no sound or music. Fortunately I have fine proposition for fitting background music (other is here). Additionally there will be more music links for each area. There is no save feature, only checkpoints and possibility of restarting game at beginning of each area.

Since it is walkthrough, spoliers ahead (duh). Every article will be for different area. I will also show how to get killed – it is whole point of game, after all. Note that death from most monsters is generic – you just keel down and thats it.

Okay, let’s start our cursed journey through Hell itself. Here is recommended music for this level.

How much time has passed?

My eyes just got used to the darkness, so I can finally see my surroundings. I’m in a stone room. Small, cramped and dark. It is gloomy and unpleasant. I should be in my own room. In my own bed, sleeping under my warm and cosy blankets. Why am I in this creepy place?

…if I don’t leave quickly… I need to go swiftly. There is a voice telling me…

If I don’t act, nothing will change.

After introductory text (use Z key to rewind) we start in seemingly empty and exitless room with suspicious stains on floor. Why, how, where? Who knows, but it does not look good at all. You can move with right and left arrow key, pause with P and crouch with down arrow. Portrait at right up corner serve as health bar (press A to turn it off/on) – more red at borders means closer death. Rather inconvenient, but we must live (and die, mostly) with it. Empty place at bottom is for inventory – we will talk about it later.

Now go to this little round thing down in wall crack, crouch and use action key – Z. Click!

Can I go out through here?

You opened door. Now get out.

What is this flying disguisting thingie? Okay, time to blast this demon to smithereens! Um… except not. Nasty surprise – you have no weapons at all. You can only avoid or run from enemies. Sucks to be Sakuri.

This flying sucker, looking like skinless pulp of flesh with wings, flies here and there. If it veer too close to poor girl, it will get faster and repeatedly attack, draining health and blocking movement. After a while you have short moment to run away. Avoiding it is simple – crouch and crawl like that.

Get past sucker (by crouching and moving) to left side of screen. Ignore door for now, it is locked. By the way, you can run (not crouched) – just hold X while moving. This will deplete her stamina. No, there aren’t any indicator of it on screen. Unfortunately, Sakuri have less stamina than paralyzed snail. She must stand still for a moment to regenerate and be able to run again. We can only imagine her results in P.E.

See, there is key on floor! Pay no attention to red light. Heh, heh, heh. Welcome to your first death in Demonophobia. It will get worse, I assure you. If you are squeamish or easily offended, you are, um… in wrong place. Very, very wrong place. Stop playing this game. Or reading this site, for that matter. At least Demonophobia was, is and will be probably worst thing featured here. Hopefully.

You can restart from last checkpoint (currently beginning of game) with R key. Now you must again push button in crack and crawl past sucker. You will do things like that a lot and this will suck.

How to get past this trap? Crouch. Crawl to key. Press Z – key will show in inventory. You can stand up now… just kidding! Oops, too late. R, click button, get past sucker, crawl for key and crawl out. I am not just mean. You will have to get used to repeating parts of level like that.

This is your prize – old key. Go to door, hold space (to get access to inventory) and move red rectangle to key. Release space. Now door is opened and key mysteriously vanished. Press Z to accept message. Note that accessing inventory do not pause game. Yes, this will kill you too eventually.

Before you go inside, look at place where you started. What…?

Say hi to red crawler. They always move in your direction. One is relatively harmless, but if you get ganged up by four of them at once, they will choke you to death. They attack like sucker, blocking you, draining health and releasing shortly after for a while. You can mash Z key to free yourself. To avoid them, you must run past them by holding X and moving. Remember that you run out  stamina very fast. Crawlers are as fast as you – you can walk away normally, if there are no other dangers in room.

Best to turn around and get back to blue steel door. It is already opened, so press up arrow. Now you are in dark green room with another door and  crawler.

Use door and get into room shown below. There is some kind of pedestal with blue dot and two strange scrathes on floor.

Pay no attention to scrathes and walk slowly to pedestal… ooops. You seen it coming anyway.

You must run past trapdoor, get crystal (just Z, no need to crouch) and run back. You will need it soon. In green room go to left.

Okay, now time for clicking button and get crushed under ceiling (not worth it, no special death animation there, sadly). Or use crystal on hole above button to uncover secret door and enter inside. Choose wisely.

I’ve had enough of this place… there’s a door… it would be nice if it led outside… huh?!

Wha… what’s this?! No, stop… this is scary!

You just got past your first checkpoint. Set boss music. This is long, gray corridor with bigass worm that likes to harass you from below (fortunately you will see burrow before attack) or bite off your head from above. And if you try to run, well… see picture at left. Welcome to first boss – Envy aka Leviathan.

Only way to survive is walking and crouching. Walk is sufficiently fast to get away from worm below, but then you are just asking for biting your head off. Crawling is safe from headbiter, but then you will get killed by worm from below – it attacks sufficiently often to kill you even before 1/3 way. So you must stand just after headbitter attack and walk a while. When you see falling dirt, crouch and crawl, still going forward. Rinse and repeat. And expect to die a lot before reaching exit of this corridor.

One tip: focus more on ceiling, not floor. Headbitter waill make chunks of ceiling fall just before attack. But beware, sometimes worm down there will start attacking in distance that ensures you will walk right into worm. And when you will be close to end, headbitter will attack very often and faster. Fun times.

Ding, ding, first area finished! This is all folks for part 1. Part 2 is here.

While this game almost do not have cheat codes, you can skip doubtful joy of being crushed by Envy. At start of game, crouch and while crouched, click up. You will be moved to Area 2.

Known bugs:

Sometimes around last part of this area, window shown on left appears. After OK, game closes and you have to start all over again. Grr.

5 responses to “Demonophobia walkthrough, part 1

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  2. A really detailed walkthrough. I have read all the parts and they helped me a lot. But the link to the source code in the beginning of this article showed 404 when I clicked it. I’m interested in the source code and other files like images in this game, can any one tell me where to get it? Thanks a lot 🙂

  3. It seems that someone has replied me, because I noticed the original 3 replies became 4 replies two days after I questioned about the source code. But I don’t know why I can’t see the new reply.
    What I want to say is that I’ve found a link at the end of part 6 of this walkthrough, in which there are source code and all pictures in this game. So now I’ve got what I want, thank you 🙂

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